Friends of Spirou (2023-)

Friends of Spirou (2023-)


In Nazi-occupied Belgium, things obviously aren't that great. Citizens are being arrested and killed, food is rationed, fuel is off-limits, it's cold and, on top of all that, the invaders have banned the publication of the comics magazine "Spirou"! That was one step too far for our young heroes. These avid readers of the magazine and members of its Friends of Spirou club have had enough, and decide to take the fight back to the enemy. In the darkest times, persistence, courage, loyalty, and friendship shine through. Based on a true story, Friends of Spirou tells with humor and humanity the story of a group of children who somehow manage not only to hold on to their childhood, but to use it as a force against evil and for freedom. Using the tools of the trade, this comic will also introduce some readers to an important part of comic book history.

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