Godzilla Rivals: Mothra vs. Titanosaurus (2023-)

Godzilla Rivals: Mothra vs. Titanosaurus (2023-)


A Mothra cocoon has washed ashore near a big city, and a team of kaiju specialists has been deployed to study it. The team of scientists has discovered that the kaiju of the world may have a way of telepathically communicating with each other as a way to mark their individual stomping grounds, and have brought along an experimental device that they hope will detect this field of telepathic energy so that they can tune it to Mothra’s frequency and chart its migration patterns in the future.When they activate the device, however, they are shocked to discover that there are two sources of these telepathic waves—the cocoon and a kaiju beneath the ocean—Titanosaurus. Detecting an intruder on its turf, Titanosaurus surfaces and closes in on the cocoon, leveling anything in its way. The scientists scramble to transport the cocoon out of range in the hopes that it will pacify Titanosaurus
and keep the cocoon from hatching early.

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