Koi Wa Keiyaku No Atode

Koi Wa Keiyaku No Atode


Consists of a collection of oneshots.1) Love After Contract I (Koi wa Keiyaku no Atode)Kazuto wakes up with a hangover and finds himself lying in bed with a stranger. The stranger, Takasugi, is a young CEO and he announces to him that he bought Kazuto in exchange for one million yen for a month before his arranged marriage.2) Love After Contract IIKazuto continues the contract with Akihiko... Nothing has happened after the last time when they are in the bed together... Kazuto is actually expecting something more than just a dating...but it seems no responds from Akihiko besides kissing... What should Kazuto do...?3) Kiss Prescription IMutsuki Yuasa, a very dependable & diligent student council vice-president has loved Gaku Tougou, his very soppy friend, since they were childhood neighbours. But now Gaku is taller than him, very popular among girls and bosses about Mutsuki.4) Kiss Prescription IIMutsuki & Gaku's relationship is getting closer but not yet stable... as the 3rd party is taking actions to snatch Mutsuki from Gaku... What will Gaku do?5) Too Close For Love (Koi wo Suru)Fumiya, a crybaby, lost his parents when he was a child. He was taken in by his relatives who had a son of the same age, Eiji. Fumiya complains about Eiji's treating him as an infant.

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