Koibito Shigan

Koibito Shigan


Collection of oneshots : 1) Koibito Shigan (Applicant lover) 2) Itoshii Kimi no Kuchibiru (Your lovely lips) Serizawa is in love with Konno his classmate. Serizawa is certain about his feelings, but will he gather up the courage to tell Konno? A cute high school romance. 3) Sweet home Little Riku's mother doesn't spend time with him, instead she choses to give him toys to make up for that. But her lover Yoshiyuki will gladly fill the role of 'big brother' and spend time with Riku. However, this 'big brother' has more adult games in mind, which have to be kept secret from mom. Shota. 4) Attractive Body 5) Boku no Kinpatsu Usagi-kun (My Golden Hair Bunny/Golden Bunny) When young, Chris was a blond cutie. But when he comes back from the U.S., his best friend cannot recognize him. 6) An Agreeable Living Situation (Tanoshii Doushitsu seikatsu no Jouken) Yukiya is excited to start his first year at school, but his enthusiasm quickly dissipates when he is assigned a surly, aloof upperclassman for a roommate. Extra - Our chapter 6 couple finishing where they left off in chapter 6. Five pages of bonus smexing!

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