Koisuru Cupid

Koisuru Cupid


1-3) Koisuru CupidTomoki's friend, Mishima Natsume, dies in a bike accident, but he can't rest in peace. He regrets not being able to confess his love to Yabuuchi Kengo, so instead of going to Heaven he returns as a ghost and uses Tomoki to confess his feelings. But what happens when Tomoki starts to feel something when he sees Kengo?4) Muki Chouai (Affection for Life)Lawyer Shinohara used to work for Igarashi until one night when they went out drinking. Shinohara resigned, but Igarashi can't remember anything from that night. They meet six months later and Igarashi realizes his feelings for Shinohara, but can Shinohara forgive him for whatever he did that fateful night..?!5-6) Kagami wa Iranai (I don't need a mirror!)Cousins Aruto and Michiru were raised like brothers and their faces look very similar. "It's impossible to fall in love with a person that looks just like you"...right?

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