Koisuru Melody Musume. - Love Song Trilogy

Koisuru Melody Musume. - Love Song Trilogy


A collection of short stories.1) DJ "COOL"Chiaki never expected to fall in love with the number one night club DJ!2) Pianist "Sou"Mizue is charmed by her enigmatic music professor.3) Guitarist "Demi"Hinano's boyfriend just dumped her because she's not his type! She's too cute, and he wants a sexy girl... but it would seem Hinano's mailman disagrees. By day, he hand delivers her mail, and by night he lets down his bleached blonde hair, and... (!!!)--but guys like that aren't Hinano's type!4) Princess HungryAoi, age 17, has a problem--an abnormal appetite! It's getting hard to keep it a secret from her classmates, but she can't let them know. She still remembers when she started dating her crush Kousaka... and then when he caught her pigging out after they'd parted one night, he never spoke to her again. But now Aoi is going on a trip with some classmates and their friends... and Kousaka is with them!? Is he mad at Aoi? Will he tell everyone her secret?Main Story:(http://mangapark.com/search?q=billion-girl)

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