Koisuru Omocha

Koisuru Omocha


Beloved Toy Toys can really spice up your time in the bedroom but what do you do when your partner wants to bring the fun into the office? Tomoya Kobayashi feels like he being toyed with by the president of his company, who constantly asks him to play games and follow rules. (from Liquid Passion) Pink Prisoner Doctor Masataka has a lover he never sees; businessman Azusa is always working lately and doesn't have time for him. But is business the only thing occupying Azusa's time? Masataka is determined to find out! Awkward Innocence Fumiya Sawai has always admired writer Aonuma, and getting the chance to be his assistant is a dream come true! It's a little strange, though, that he's expected to do anything sensei wants, but it won't get too weird, right? Right? Servant of Love As a child Chihiro was brought to the Hishiya estate to be a playmate for the twin sons Takuma and Kodaka. But now that they're all in high school Chihiro has graduated from playmate to sex toy. Too bad this can't last forever... Underground Love When chemistry teacher Ozawa Miyuki's friend runs out on a debt he cosigned for, he's forced to pay it back using his body. But to his surprise the young master of the company is Takanashi Kimitaka, one of his students, who takes charge of both the debt and Ozawa's body! By turns cruel and gentle Takanashi is determined to get his money's worth from Ozawa. Sweet Life Together Makoto has just moved in with his lover, Kazuma and sex everyday is making him super sensitive. So when Kazuma's running late Makoto has to get creative with the dinner ingredients!

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