A prestigious private school, St. Ottawa Girls' School, has a 6-year curriculum; those who graduate from middle school automatically get into high school there and the few outsiders who take a test to enter St. Ottowa's high school are called appliers and are considered to have a lower status than the others.Megumi is the only applier in her class and is looked down upon because she can't keep up with the rest during classes. This changes once she tells a classmate that, thanks to her sister's job, she can get all the cosmetics she wants (of course, this is a lie). Requests from girls start building up, but she doesn't want to be known as a liar.She then tries to shoplift, but, having no experience, she is helped by a gruop of girls who call themselves "team illusion" . The manga shows how she is troubled by her conscience while she starts to become a shoplifter.

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