Kondo Koso Honki!

Kondo Koso Honki!


A collection of oneshots; including bdsm, salarymen1)Natsume often goes to see his childhood friend Hisataka, but Hisataka's always mean to him. Being eight years younger, Natsume has always looked up to Hisataka, but those feelings have changed into something more serious. Will Hisataka ever see him as anything but a kid?2)Kazama is a clumsy but energetic office worker who's secretly in love with his boss Sudou. Knowing he'll never catch the super elite beauty, Kazama is content to watch from the sidelines. But then he accidentally witnesses an unprofessional side to Sudou. Does it mean Kazama has a chance, or is his case more hopeless than ever?3)Sweet Funny Fighter- Kouna's not sure when he fell in love with Seto, but he can't stop visiting the convienence store clerk and trying to get a reaction out of the expressionless kid. When he mistakenly sees Seto in a fight, Kouna becomes his confidant. But it would be so easy to take advantage of the lonely boy...4) Sunao ni Narenakute (I Can’t Be Gentle) - Junya is always ditching Maki-san (his older lover) to help out others and never makes Maki a priority. Now Maki has had enough of coming last and makes a drastic move. (teaser by Tiku mf member)5) Let Me Be On Top Next Time! - Nishina andTakei are colleagues in the fashion industry and Takei’s designs are putting his job in jeopardy. Two hard headed semes clash over business and sex. (teaser by Tiku mf member)6) Love Trick - Nishina & Takei are now lovers (at least physically). This picks up thier story again a little bit later... and yes the fight for the seme position is still on ^^. (teaser by Tiku mf member)7) EXTRA: Cute Lovers - One last look into the love life of Nishina & Takei (teaser by Tiku mf member)

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