Kono Kimochi Wa Koi Ni Naru

Kono Kimochi Wa Koi Ni Naru


chapters 1-2: Hisashi, a new model, admires top model Tomohito, and his only goal is to also be a top model and work for the same agency as Tomohito. But an accidental meeting followed by new make-up removal tips, causes tension between these two bois. Will these bois be able to resolve their differences? And even if they do kiss and lick and thrust their way into a new understanding, can Hisashi compete against the baby brother?chapter 3: Two romantically involved cousins work at a detective agency and are sent to solve a case involving a girl that won't leave her room.chapter 4: Young uncle Kyou and his middle schooler nephew Taichi are dating. Kyou also used to date the Taichi's father, his sister's husband, and Taichi is still jealous over that.chapter 5: Two highschool friends are attracted to each other but one of them refuses to admit his feelings.

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