Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo


Collection of 7 short stories revolving around an all-girl's school. From Lililicious: • Tomodachi ja Nakute mo (Even if We're Not Friends) - "Even if We're not Friends," is about two girls who were friends in junior high but end up going to different high schools. • Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Natsu (The Summer Closest to Heaven) - Tells the story of a ghost who accidentally possesses a girl, then takes advantage of the situation to interact with the woman she loves. • Kiss to Koi to Oujisama (A Kiss, Love, and a Prince) - Takes place in the same setting as "Even if We're Not Friends," but centers around different characters. The main character is kissed by her sempai, who is playing opposite her in the school play, and freaks out because she always imagined her first kiss would be with a boy, preferably a dashing prince. • Itsuka no Kono Koi (This Love from I Can't Remember When) - Tells the story of one girl's unrequited love. • Kuchibiru ni Cherries (Cherries For Your Lips) - Tells the story of a girl who's in love with her best friend. • Kusuriyubi ni Kiss Shitara (If I Kiss Her Ring Finger) - Nana wants to take things farther with Hitomi, but Hitomi doesn't seem interested. Meanwhile, Nana's failed her midterms, and she uses the make-up tests as an excuse to avoid Hitomi. • Honto no Kimochi (Real Love) - Michiru confesses her love to her sempai and asks her out.

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