Kuchizuke Wa Uso No Aji

Kuchizuke Wa Uso No Aji


Wachi is a young CEO. Wealthy, handsome and great in bed, he would be a fine catch...in theory. But the reality is completely different from this illusion, as he sees his friends and work acquaintances as mere tools to further his career and his girlfriends as sex objects. Any demands for a sincere relationship from anyone irritates and annoys Wachi, who doesn't really believe in such things. Into his coldly self-satisfied life steps Makio, a gorgeous young bartender he's introduced to by one of his gym buddies, and whom he'd also bumped into by accident that very same morning. As he begins to frequent Makio's bar and enjoy their daily chats, Wachi is overcome by emotions he's never experienced before... But is Makio really as pure and innocent as he seems, or is that sweetly smiling face concealing a devil beneath it? And is the infatuated Wachi even capable of being sensible about this now that he's fallen so hard?

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