Koisuru Herb Shohousen

Koisuru Herb Shohousen
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    恋するハーブ処方箋 ; 恋爱的香草处方签 ; A Herbal Formula for Love ; Herbal Medicine Formula for Loving ; Koi suru Herb Recipe ; Koi suru Herb Shohousen ; Koi-Suru Haabu Shohousen ; Koisuru Herb Recipe ; The Herb Prescription to Love
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From Transient Mirage:The day after she lost her job, Renge woke up on a bed in a mansion connected to an herb shop. Then two men of the mansion, Koushirou and Chihiro, suddenly implored her to become their housekeeper. However, the owner Akimitsu refuses to accept it at all…In this cohabiting life with handsome men, a love story is starting to fill this herbal healing space!

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